We Fall Slowly - My Turn

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We Fall Slowly is an up and coming band from the north of the Netherlands. Indiecore with their hearts on their sleeves. Drenched with melancholy, despair and a hint of hope. Heavily inspired by the alternative rock of the 90's, with a fresh dose of indie from the 00's. Started in oktober 2012, the band allready won their fair share of regional competitions, delivered a first single, accompanied with a video.

Already known for their energetic live performances the band has done gigs on several main stages accross the north of the Netherlands, like Eurosonic 2014 and the national finale of the SENA popNL Performers Award.

'Let me tell you a story, about a woman I know'
This is a story of an individual
A story of success and fame, rise and fall
A story of decisions
A story about the essence of society

'My Turn' is an audiovisual experience by acclaimed emo core band and RVPrecords recording artist We Fall Slowly, featuring a screenplay written by author Wouter Bessels and produced by film maker Iris Sijbom.
The listener follows the life experience of an arrived and career breaking woman trapped onto the stairway to heaven. Being lonely at the top and totally unimpressed by the events and the success that she has achieved.
But success has left its marks, the agony of failure is coming closer and society is giving up on her. She's heading for the great escape - unintentionally - while realising that she can't live without being part of society.
Will she take her own life? Does she start her life all over again?
Life is not about achievement, it's all about development.

'My Turn' is an audiovisual novel, based on a wide range of non-fictive events, handling about the ordinary, cautious and emotional laden daily life in the 21st century. 
While taking their productions to another level, last year We Fall Slowly approached journalist/author Wouter Bessels (writer of a.o. the first Dutch biography on 50 years of Pink Floyd, released in late 2015) asking him to write and develop a conceptual story that appeals both to listeners and viewers. As being involved with previous productions and collaborations with We Fall Slowly, film maker Iris Sijbom has transformed the story into a screenplay, featuring lyrics written by lead vocalist Boye Emmaneel and music performed exclusively by Maarten Righarts (guitar, keyboards), Anton Oortmann (bass, vocals), Gerwin Vrieling (guitars, vocals), Paul Katuin (guitars, audio production, mixing) and Jan Schippers (drums, vocals).

'My Turn' has been mastered at the legendary Wisseloord Studios by Pier Durk Hogeterp.

We Fall Slowly
My Turn
Indiecore / Alternative rock
EP CD-digipack / 5 track / 30 mins
january 20th 2018