Mass Deception - Revelations

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MASS DECEPTION is a metal band formed late 2015.
Not much to tell about 'm... what can you fucking tell about a band that young of age?

Except the fact that all band members played in metal bands for ages and MASS DECEPTION is the goddamn armageddon of years of dedication to metal. The experience of hundreds of live shows and dozen of album recordings are put in a blender and guess what... the outcome is a hammer. Perhaps bands like Defcon One, Cirith Gorgor and Engine of Pain do not ring a bell but they formed MASS DECEPTION into a tank.

MASS DECEPTION released their full length album called REVELATIONS on August 1st 2016 through indie-label RVP Records. 
We know who you are, you know what you are and you know what you have to do... join us!

Janssen - vocals
Soren - drums
Banziger - guitars
Van den Beuken - bass
Waltmans - guitars

Mass Deception
Thrash Metal
album - CD digipack / 10 tracks / 43 mins
august 2016