Nem-Q - Fault Lines (Subduction Zone)

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Since 2004 Nem-Q plays progressive rock/metal. The five-piece band from Nederweert (The Netherlands) produces a unique blend of melodic rock/metal, jazz/fusion rhythms and pop rock influences on their first album 'Opportunities of Tomorrow' (2007). Comments were very positive: "impressive songs with tight guitar riffs" and a 8/10 review by Aardschok (Dutch rock/metal magazine). In the five years after the first album Nem-Q mainly focused on their live performances and musical development and thus creating its own sound.

In 2012, all this led to the new concept album '301.81' which shows the development Nem-Q has gone through. The title of the album refers to the medical term for a personality disorder. '301.81' distinguishes itself from its predecessor by more complex melodies and vocal lines, heavier riffs and a much darker tone. The album was once again very well received.

The development of the band also clearly shows in their live performances. Dutch alternative music platform 3voor12 writes: 

"Nem-Q gives one hell of a show. With the presentation of '301.81' they give the audience an unprecedented first impression, that tastes for more."

All this has not gone unnoticed. In 2013 Nem-Q was asked to support Fates Warning (USA) and in 2014 the band supported Threshold (UK).


Fault Lines (Subduction Zone)

Progressive rock

EP - CD wallet (dupl.) / 4 tracks / 21 mins

february 19th 2016